Surgical Drapes & Gowns

GRI-Alleset understands that every cut and stitch in surgery is critical - which is why we apply the same thinking to the design and construction of our surgical drapes and gowns. Constructed from a breakthrough design of three layers of non-woven polypropylene fabric that are soft and breathable, our surgical drapes and gowns offer superior protection and comfort.

Surgical Drapes

Surgical Drapes

GRI-Alleset Surgical Drapes are made from the highest quality materials and absorbent reinforcements in the market and designed to provide clinicians with surgical drapes that will meet every procedural need with maximum performance and protection.

Surgical Gowns

Surgical Gowns

GRI-Alleset Surgical Gowns provide clinicians with a range of materials and protection to meet every procedural requirement. Superior materials and innovative designs provide maximum protection and comfort that will provide clinicians security and confidence in even the most challenging procedures.


AAMI Level 4 / High Performance

RoyalGuardTM Surgical Gown

GRI-Alleset's newest surgical gown balances comprehensive barrier protection with exceptional comfort. The RoyalGuard gown is creating a new standard for the marriage of maximum comfort and protection.  These gowns have undergone extensive testing and meet the most rigorous requirements for:

  • AAMI PB 70 Level 4

  • EN 13795 High Performance

The RoyalGuard best in technology fabric is a three-layer system engineered with a non-porous inner layer, sandwiched with two soft outer layers.  This creates a complete barrier of protection against fluids and microbial penetration.  At the same time, the film allows for air flow, creating a cooling effect by pulling moisture vapor from the wearer.

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