Laparoscopic Accessories

The GRI-Alleset family of laparoscopic and endoscopic accessories is ever growing, to help meet the basic needs of complex procedures. With thought and experience going into the design of these core accessories, GRI-Allest has developed a family of lap accessories that simply your efforts, such as “scrub-friendly” color-coded insufflation tubing, and easy-to-grip Veress needles.


Insufflation Tubing

Insufflation Tubing & Filter Sets

GRI-Alleset’s Insufflation Tubing and Filter sets are used to establish and maintain pneumoperitoneum during abdominal endoscopy while preventing bacterial and viral contamination from possible backflow of surgical smoke between patient and insufflator. GRI-Alleset’s tubing delivers flow rates higher than other companies “hi-flow” tubing, but at greater filtration efficiencies.. With a filter capable of filtering particles down to 0.1 microns, a 10’ (3M) long tube that allows for optimal placement of the insufflator around the patient, and flexible, lightweight tubing that helps prevent kinking, GRI-Alleset’s insufflation filter and tubing sets provide for ease of use in the operating room while also maintaining the safety of the patient.

  Insufflation Tubing Sets (all laparoscopic accessories) (PDF)

Veress Needle

Performance Veress Needle

The GRI-Alleset Veress Needle, used to establish pneumoperitoneum prior to abdominal endoscopy, has been designed both for surgeon control and patient safety. While the ergonomically designed handle gives the surgeon more feel and control throughout the procedure, the longer beveled edge of the 14-gauge stainless steel needle tip provides for a smoother abdominal entry, thus helping to prevent accidental injury to the patient.

  Performance Veress Needle (PDF)

Laparoscopic Anti Fog Solution

Lap/Endo Camera Anti-Fog Solution

Used by surgeons to reduce fog on laparoscopes, GRI-Alleset's Anti-Fog Solution offers clear results. With a separate 6-gram bottle and sponge in a convenient kit, the sponge can be easily re-saturated as needed throughout the surgical case.

  Anti-Fog Solution (PDF)

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