Protective Apparel

GRI-Alleset's protective apparel portfolio includes lab coats, isolation gowns, headwear, footwear, scrubs, coveralls, patient gowns and eye protection. We offer a wide assortment of options and protection levels, ranging from dry particle to performance rated high fluid protection products, allowing you to match the correct product with the required task.

Isolation Gown Yellow

Protective Apparel

GRI-Alleset created a protective apparel portfolio based on the founding principles of protection, comfort, and value. From fabric selection to product design, our goal is to provide protection for both the patient and staff. No matter what the procedure or task, each product provides the ultimate combination of comfort and protection.

 Protective Apparel Catalog (PDF)

Eye Shields

The GRI-Alleset Performance Eye Shields include a fog-resistance coating to help provide complete eye protection during medical and surgical procedures. They offer sleek, updated styling that are comfortable and fit over prescription glasses, thus promoting compliance.

 Performance Eye Shields (PDF)

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