Room Turnaround and Cleaning Products

Reducing the risk of hospital-acquired, or nosocomial infections, is a major focus for today’s healthcare professionals. With the increase of multi-drug resistant organisms, minimizing the risk of transmission is critical, particularly in an environment where infections can be spread by various means; via the healthcare staff, contaminated equipment, bed linens, air droplets, or fluids.

Choosing the right products can help to lessen the chances of hospital-acquired infections, improving patient out-comes and keeping patients, staff, and equipment protected. Our disposable linens, turnaround kits and mop heads can play an important role in the reduction of such risks, with a wide range of options designed give you the right tools for the job at a price that makes sense.

Room Turnover Kit

Room Turnaround Kits

CORE (Clean Operating Room Environment) Room Turnaround Kits®, present new and more efficient ways to change your Operating Room environment between procedures, customized to the unique needs of your hospital.

At GRI-Alleset, we are focused on helping hospitals achieve their goals through our comprehensive line of disposable operating room turnaround kits. Each component is specifically designed to minimize cross-contamination and work with other kit components to improve room cleaning protection and efficiency. 

  Room Turnaround Kits (PDF)

Flat Microfiber Mop Heads

Flat Microfiber Mop Heads

Our flat mop heads combine microfiber technology with micro looped-ends to improve trapping and removal of microbes from surfaces during cleaning.

  Flat Microfiber Mop Heads (PDF)

String Mop Heads

String Mop Heads

A robust classic that will withstand tough performance demands. Available in cotton or rayon, in a variety of sizes.

  String Mop Heads (PDF)

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