Breathable High-Performance Surgical Gown

Performance, protection, and comfort like none other

Invenio’s RoyalGuard™ AAMI Level 4 Surgical Gowns balance comprehensive barrier protection with exceptional comfort to deliver a high performance gown created specifically for high-fluid, high-risk, lengthy surgical procedures.

  • Soft, Breathable, protective film front panel and SureSleeve™ double-barrier sleeve design provides full protection without unnecessary bulk and weight
  • Streamlined ComfortBack™ panel design generates airflow without sacrificing protection.
  • Our innovative gown design features stitchless construction, maximizing staff protection by eliminating holes caused by stitching which can provide a pathway for microbial contamination.
Surgical Drapes

The Best In Fabric Technology

RoyalGuard’s tri-layer system is specifically engineered to create a superior barrier between skin and fluids while optimizing breathability and coolness critical to user performance and comfort.

  • The nonporous layer is designed with a smooth, uniform membrane which creates a complete barrier protection against fluids and bacterial/viral penetration
  • While repelling moisture, the film allows air flow, creating a cooling effect as it pulls moisture vapor from the wearer and pushes it to the outer layer where it is released
  • By combining a moisture-resistant inner core with two softer outer layers, the gown maximizes protection while creating a lighter weight and more comfortable cut, design, and fit than comparable performance-rated gowns
Surgical Gowns

Key Features

No matter the length or shape, our high-performance gowns deliver critical protection you need with the comfort you expect.

  • Tri-layer fabric technology, including a breathable core and soft inner and outer comfort layers
  • Adjustable hook & loop collar
  • Low-linting, abrasion-resistant outer layer
  • Strong, lightweight ComfortBackTM panel for optimal cooling
  • Available in Standard or Long Lengths, Straight or A-Line construction, Sterile and Non-Sterile

Performance Testing

RoyalGuard™ Surgical Gowns have undergone extensive testing to ensure that softness, breathability, flammability, and strength requirements are met for the most rigorous and challenging procedures. Our gowns meet the following performance standards:

  • EN 13795:2011 High Performance
  • AAMI PB70 Level 4 Liquid Barrier Protection
  • Class I Flammability Standards per 16 CFR 1610.4
  • L1 protection against laser ignition per ISO 11810
  • Natural Rubber Latex Free
  • Excellent Breathability per Upright MVTR @ 32C/50% RH
  • Superior Softness Rating per H-O-M – CD (Handle-O-Meter) Testing

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