When it comes to underpads, it is critical to have a product solution that is not only cost-effective and clinically acceptable, but also addresses the almost limitless applications for use. With this in mind, GRI-Alleset has developed a comprehensive product solution: Allesorb. Allesorb is a premium product offering that sets the industry standard in fluid control applications, and is guaranteed to address your various patient care needs.

Allesorb™ Impervious Underpads

Allesorb™ Impervious

When fluid retention is paramount, Allesorb Impervious is constructed with a resilient waterproof base-layer to mitigate leakage and strikethrough.

  Allesorb™ Impervious (PDF)

Allesorb™ Select Underpads

Allesorb™ Select

High-performance fluid wicking and absorption married with superior air permeability helps you achieve the highest standard in patient care, comfort and experience for underpads.

  Allesorb™ Select (PDF)


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Allesorb™ Select Underpads

AllesorbTM underpads can absorb and secure more than 1 liter of fluid and become dry to the touch in less than 4 minutes.  Watch the video to see this work.

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