Waste Fluid Management and Suction

GRI-Alleset's waste fluid management and suction portfolio includes a growing line of tubing and tips.

Suction Tubing

Suction Tubing

GRI-Alleset's suction tubing is optimized to have low coil memory to result in greater flexibility.  Yet with an increased wall thickness, the tubing is resistant to collapsing while under prolonged and high vacuum suction.  This is in compliance with ISO 10079-2.  The color-coded molded fittings provide easy and secure connections, available in three diameters: 3/16 in. (5mm), 1/4 in. (6mm), and 9/32 in. (7mm).

Suction Tubing Catalog (PDF)

Allesesorb Solidifier

Allesorb Solidifier

GRI-Alleset Allesorb Solidifier is a high-performance superabsorbent polymer that, when added to a suction canister, quickly gels the contained liquids to help prevent potentially hazardous spills. Allesorb Solidifier sets the standard in fast and effective waste fluid control.

Allesorb Solidifier is a powder available in bottles or in dissolvable paper pouches. The bottles are available in two sizes that will completely gel 1500cc and 3000cc of liquid, respectively. Matching the bottle of solidifier to the suction canister capacity, simply pour the entire contents of the bottle into the waste fluid container. The Solidifier bottles include a “Yorker”-style funnel cap.

The paper pouch is dissolvable; therefore, it is not necessary to open it. Insert the entire Allesorb Solidifier pouch lengthwise through the opening of the suction canister. The pouch will solidify 1000cc.

Solidifier Catalog (PDF)

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